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Strautmann 40–52m³ Magnon CFS Forage Wagon

This professional silage wagon has a large number of additional features meaning this product is of exceptional quality. It has a new pick-up concept, the newly developed “Exact-Cut” cutting unit and a hydraulically swivelling front Panel enabling top harvesting Performance.

Features include:

  • Loading capacity according to DIN of 42 – 52m³
  • CFS accelerator drum
  • Spiral rotor with tine plates
  • 48-knife cutting unit
  • Power required from 190hp
  • Flex-load
  • Exact-cut

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Strautmann 30-42m³ Giga-Vitesse CFS Forage Wagon

This product is high in efficiency yet has a low drag resistance for ease of use. The Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS with its new conveying unit (Continuous Flow System) can provide excellent service contractors and large businesses. This forage wagon is setting standards with regard to optimum loading, low power requirement and cost effectiveness.

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Strautmann 29-33m³ Super-Vitesse CFS Forage Wagon

This forage wagon has an excellent cutting wuality with it’s double cutting unit, equipped with 39 knives. It’s the perfect solution for professional dairy farms, machinery co-ops and contractors alike. This wagon offers a low grag resistance and the CFS brings an added advantage.

Features include:

 ● Loading capacity according to DIN of 29 & 33 m³ 

● CFS accelerator drum 

● Spiral rotor 

● 39-knife cutting unit 

● Power required from 120 HP

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Strautmann 39-53m³ Zelon CFS Forage Wagon

The Zelon is an entry level forage wagon which is perfect for dairy farms with their own machine or machinery co-ops. It offers a continuous flow system from a loading capacity of 39 m3. This enables you to load more tonnage per m3 – with less time and lower running costs.

Features include:

● Loading capacity, medium compression 39.1 – 52.7 m³ 

● CFS accelerator drum ● Helical rotor 

● 32-knife double sided knives

● Power required from 70/95 kW/HP

Strautmann Verti-Mix Self Propelled

This Self-Propelled Verti-Mix wagons take a labour-intensive feeding procedure away and save time and labour whilst also homogeneously mixing ingredients to prevent the cows from selecting the fodder. 

With improved nutrition comes improved milk yields by ensuring animals are fed at an optimal rate.

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Strautmann Verti-Mix Single, Double and Triple Auger

This Verti-Mix offes an excellent mixing quality whilst being able to cope with a growing farm. This product ensures that cows get the optimum nutrition meaning they are healthier and happier (Delivering higher milk yields too).

Available with a single, double or triple auger.

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