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Utilising water is the key to success in the agricultural industry, T-T provides solutions for your clean water supply, crops and livestock. Reliable and efficient water supply is vital to daily farming, therefore T-T have combined their knowledge and expertise in this field, to provide a vast range of pumps, valves and controls which provide a constant and desired flow and pressure.

As well as supplying pumps for water supply, T-T are experts in Slurry Handling equipment and have a vast range of products and solutions to suit farming needs.

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Anaerobic Digestion

TT Pumps – Biogas


The pumps that we supply for Anaerobic Digestion are both submersible and external motor-driven pumps. They are used to feed the primary digester and/or handle the substrate between digester’s and/or for mixing through the nozzles inside the digester. The chopping system provided on all pumps aids the anaerobic fermentation process, thus improving the efficiency of the plant.

Our chopper pumps are designed for effluent with high solid content. The heavy duty chopper cutter pumps are highly effective and efficient and are available in options including submersible, close coupled, engine mounted and long shaft. We offer diesel driven pumps, engine driven and pumps with a PTO drive.

TT Pumps – Biogas


Submersible mixers are used in digester’s to mix and homogenise the substrate, thus increasing the output of the plant and prevent solids settling down which in the long run might reduce the efficiency of the plant, for instance by clogging its pipes.


TT Pumps – Biogas


Treatment processing can be dramatically improved by extracting the major proportion of the solids matter at an early stage of the process by introducing a Separator. The liquid fraction can be used as a fertiliser and for irrigation. The Solids fraction may be used as an amender or as cattle beds for example.

By using a Separator the biological oxygen demand requirement reduces and at the same time reduces nitrogen and phosphor levels allowing the remaining liquid to be treated with greater efficiency.